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You know QuicktimeVR movies (aka Object VR) where you can look at an object from different angles?
Now you want have your own Object VR movie on your website but can't afford the authoring tools?

Here's your chance:
All you need to do is to:
A) photograph or render the images of the different viewing positions
B) download the open source object vr player "ObjectiveVR"
C) change a few lines of javascript code to configure the player
D) (optional) change the player design using css, just like you style the rest of your page

No extra authoring tool required, no fee, no ads, no hidden costs, although I would be happy about a comment, bugreport (or better: a fix), a link to my site or a free beer from time to time.

Why do I think that this player can be of any use? Easy:

Now check the source of this page and you will have your Object VR up and running within minutes.

MikeMyDay (Michael Hermes)


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